Jobs Reinvented: A Chronicle

Build in Public

We’re building in public to share our experience of the hard and imperfect work required to make something. We hope you can relate to the up and down momentum that comes with starting a blank page. Please reach out at any time to share your own experience of building.

Jobs Reinvented

We believe transparency attracts better teammates. Great people want to work with great people.

Get to know your future colleagues

Day 5


Some days just click. Each conversation feels more productive than the last. Meetings end early as people are clearly on the same page. Budgets are approved and jobs offers are accepted. The numbers set records (best week ever and one of the best days ever). Today was one of those days. Let’s build on this and keep moving!

User Session Growth Week / Week

Day 4


Team effort! I’ve said that pretty much every day, but that was exemplified today by my colleague Ditte who was John Stockton (NBA all-time assist leader) with the assist. She set me up with an awesome engaged company we work with, and the rest was cake. People get what we’re building. There is push back, but they see the value and how it’s an evolution of job posts. Now we just have to get people to not only get it but use it…!


Interviewing is one of my favorite things to do. The prospect of growing our incredible team is incredibly exciting and I typically cannot wait to evangelize every single potential candidate. Today was no different. I conducted seven interviews with seven uniquely wonderful people and am eager to introduce a few to my teammates. Hopefully at least one person makes it on to join our team and help us do this.

Day 3


Hi there. I’m Andrew, The Product Designer working on jobs.


Sometimes you forget to think about exactly how something will actually work. I was guilty of that today. To make sure I understood the logistics of how some elements of jobs will work for users I connected with our engineering team (by team I mean our awesome CTO Andreas). In case you’re wondering, things are going to work seamlessly! After that it was time to start spreading the word again. One more company confirmed for our jobs beta.

Day 2


‘Coolness’ is important in a new product. As our product and engineering teams work hard to build the landing pages and core functionality, we need to prepare the cool. Which is why I focused on hiring today. I’m searching for creative talent and paid ads expertise and was lucky to receive a few referrals! One day our coolest jobs list will be as lauded and exclusive at the Time 100. Wish us luck:)


I think it’s technically day three but we had a lot of meetings on Monday so let’s call it day two. For the launch to go right we need everyone to be aligned. Product, Design, Marketing, Content, Operations… This meant a lot of planning and coordination today. For things to go right we also need execution. That entails many things but first we need companies excited about jobs on The Org. We found three excited companies today.

Day 1


I’m trying to put something together asap, but I have to focus on getting this v1 jobs landing page out today first :)


The first thought in my head when I woke up today was my excitement to launch jobs. I know that sounds made up and lame but it’s true. With a project this big it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and I try to remember one foot before the other one step at a time. In action today, that was me building a roadmap and creating some marketing material. Piece by piece. Brick by brick.


Today marks day one of our journey to build a better jobs platform. 30 days to soft launch. We were able to nail some of the pitch and copy. That feeling of a succinct pitch is fantastic and really lets you know you might have something.


We are only four on a much larger team of incredible people at The Org. Everyone is working hard to make this happen.



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Dylan Enright

Dylan Enright

VP of Growth at The Org. Founder of Income Movement. Alum U.S. Digital Response, Andrew Yang, Biobot Analytics, Wefunder. Utah native.